Problem Statement: One out of every four primary school aged children in Africa (over 30 million children) are no longer enrolled in school. Africa has the world’s lowest secondary school enrollment rates, with only 28% of children enrolling in secondary school. As a result, over 90 million teenagers struggle to find employment. The employment, of these teenagers dofind, tends to be in a low-paid, informal sector jobs, which perpetuates poverty and a lack of education

Project Goals: Our project consists of three goals which we pursue simultaneously.

  • Providing basic computer skills will allow teenagers to obtain higher skilled and higher paying employment opportunities.
  • Design reusable model and software system which can be scaled to other school, countries and locales
  • Pilot volunteer trips approach to maximize impact via physical presence

Assumptions & External Factors: Our goal is predicated upon number of different key assumptions:

  • Basic computer literacy is a foundational step towards educating a population and increasing access to higher skilled work.
  • By exposing out-of-school local village children to computers, we can ignite their interest in learning.
  • Parents are the key influencers in student decision to enroll and stay at school. By engaging out-of-school local village children, we can better engage the children’s parents and overall improve high school student enrollment rates
  • Lack of internet connectivity is a big barrier in accessing vast variety of internet resources
  • Teachers need to be prepared to teach in modern world by utilizing up-to-date tools and software systems