About us

JAAS Foundation was founded and co-founded in 2016 by Aleksey Sinyagin and his wife Jane. After visits to several developing nations, he and his wife saw opportunities to use their skills, assets, and network to deliver educational tools to the deserving children of these remote and underserved areas. Their vision was for disadvantaged children to have access to computer software that would remediate the problems of poverty causing a lack of skilled teachers, and other hindrances to equitable learning in these regions. This cause is very personal to them, as they both came from a small city in Russia, and they believe that education was the vehicle which drove their success.

Aleksey and Jane wanted to make sure that all of the kids in the world had the same opportunity. They were lucky to recruit amazing board of Directors and attract passionate and carrying volunteers. Now orgaization supports schools in Ethiopia, Uganda, Venezuela, Colombia and other countries helping more than 50,000 students.





Core Values

Preserving and celebrating
cultural identity

As we introduce English and/or digital literacy to developing countries, we are careful to recognize and preserve the cultural identity of everyone we serve. We believe that our success is predicated on our ability to establish a rapport with people in a way that takes into consideration what is the most important in their lives, appreciates their cultural identities, and works within those parameters.


Keeping in mind that we want to build bridges in order to close the digital divide, we introduce our e-Learning technology in a way that respects and celebrates different viewpoints and perspectives while also establishing commonalities so that underserved communities embrace what we have to offer with open minds.

Being where needed

We focus on communities that lack resources, on locations that are in crisis, and on places where our help can make a maximum impact. We identify these opportunities and then mobilize our own resources to bring the magic of technology to them directly.

People first

As we develop and promote advanced technology to teach English and digital literacy in developing countries, we make sure that the people we serve always come first; that their needs are always met; and that they will benefit directly from our services.

Open partnership

Eradicating poverty and opening up avenues to economic opportunities can only be accomplished when we work together. With that in mind, we welcome and encourage all types of partnerships – ranging from schools, organizations, and social service entities to municipalities and the local business community. Forging these partnerships strengthen our ability to achieve our mission and fulfill our vision.