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The JAAS Foundation provides spendable grants to be spent according to the proposal, schedule, budget, and conditions specified in the Foundation’s award letter. The purpose of grants by the JAAS Foundation is to bridge the digital divide in underserved communities by developing and promoting advanced technologies to teach English and digital literacy.

Before applying for the grant please review and accept

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Supervision of Grants

Foreign grantee must maintain the grant funds in a separate, dedicated non-interest-bearing account.

Grants issued by the Foundation require mandatory final report at the end of the activity funded. The Foundation requires timely and informative interim and final grant reporting. Grantees should consult the Foundation’s grant agreement when preparing narrative and financial reports. Narrative and financial reports should be submitted together on or before the due dates specified in the Foundation’s award letter. The Foundation may suspend grant activities and require the return of funds for delinquent or unsatisfactory reporting, and will consider reporting history in the awarding of future grants.

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Narrative and Financial Reporting

Narrative reports should describe the activities undertaken and the use of grant funds, and evaluate the progress made toward achieving the purposes of the grant during the reporting period. Photos should be taken on the activities conducted and shared with the JAAS Foundation. Financial reports should be specific to the grant. If an organization has multiple grants from the Foundation, each grant must be separately reported. Grantees are required to use the same budget categories used in the grant proposal, making it possible for line-by-line comparison of the approved budget and actual expenditures.

Record Keeping

Grantees are required to retain accounting records, detailing all receipts and expenditures, for a minimum of three years following submission of the final grant report. Organization receiving expenditure responsibility grants are required to keep records for four years. The Foundation reserves the right to conduct on- and off-site audits of records related to the use of grant funds. In cases where grantee spending is not consistent with the Foundation’s award, the Foundation reserves the right to request the return of awarded funds, disallow expenditures, or take other remedial actions.

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Application form

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