The mission of the JAAS Foundation is to provide opportunities for kids worldwide.
JAAS Foundation Grant

Selection Process

JAAS Foundation’s grant review and selection process is designed to ensure that grant applications are evaluated based on a fair, equitable, transparent, and timely process, and that grant awards align with the selection criteria, priorities, and strategic considerations of the Foundation.

The Board of Directors supports the selection, review, administration, and supervision of the grants. The Chief Executive Officer provides strategic direction and makes final funding decisions.

The application process is guided by the application form and communication between the JAAS Foundation and prospect grantee. The life cycle of the grant application is illustrated below:

Determination of Strategic Support Area – Solicit Application – Receive Application – Review and Assess Application – Mark Award Decision – Award Grants – Administer and Monitor Grants – Close Out

JAAS Foundation Grant

Compliance and Eligibility

The JAAS Foundation only receive grant application that follows JAAS Foundation’s compliance and eligibility requirements. No relatives of the Board of Directors or staff of the Foundations are eligible to receive grants issued by the JAAS Foundation. Foreign Grantees shall receive a pre-grant inquiry to determine how the grant funds will be spent and accounted for, including details on supervision, accounting, and implementation procedures.

Reviewing for eligibility is intended to ensure that only those applications that are eligible for award are advanced for further consideration. This review can take place at any point during the application review and selection process. Applicants that are determined to be non-compliant and/or ineligible will not receive an award.

JAAS Foundation Grant

Conflict of Interest

JAAS Foundation defines a conflict of interest as any private interest, affiliation, or relationship which could potentially compromise the reviewer’s ability to impartially carry out official responsibilities. JAAS Foundation makes the important distinction that reporting conflicts of interest is an ongoing duty. Reviewers are required to report any actual or perceived conflict of interest at any point during the application review.

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