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Help Sponsor a Child’s Education in Africa

JAAS Gifted & Talented Sponsorship Program
How can I sponsor a child in Africa to support their education?

The JAAS Foundation is launching a new program to support these children through their studies. We are  working with two local Ugandan schools to identify gifted and talented students who need financial assistance. They are:

  • Alpha & Omega School
  • Shammah High School

At each school, your donations will allow us to provide educational sponsorship for  gifted  students.

This sponsorship will help these students to resume or begin their studies. They will no longer have to worry about being sent home due to lack of funding. This gives them the ability to focus their time and energy on developing their natural talents and achieving the highest grades possible, ensuring they have a chance to succeed and make a positive impact in Uganda.

We need your support to help give them that chance.

Please Donate Now

How to help education in Africa through supporting the JAAS Foundation?

As one of the small non-profits that help education in Africa, we are in vital need of your support to enable us to progress with this life changing program.

Donating is quick and easy:  If we are successful in obtaining donations, we will look to grow the program to include more schools and more students.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching impacts across the globe. Through our work with local Ugandan schools, we have identified that the prolonged financial impacts of the pandemic, combined with a pre-existing level of poverty and economic disparity in the region, have resulted in numerous families being rendered unable to afford the fees for their children to attend school.

This impacts these children and threatens the future of the schools more widely as they are dependent on funds to make them viable for all children.


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What does sponsorship provide for the students?
JAAS foundation lending a helping hand

Students are provided with Educational Support across both Primary and Secondary School. Educational Support includes:

o   Tuition 

o   Scholastic materials like books, stationery, and science equipment

o   COVID sanitation materials to keep students and staff safe

Depending on the amount donated we plan to support more students. Please help us multiply our impact

The selected students will be supported by the school to perform to the best of their abilities and ensure all donations are awarded to those who will truly benefit from it and are willing to put their natural talents to use.

The school will provide termly reports, videos, photos, and stories of the selected children, so you can see the positive impact of your generosity.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the new program, please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you.
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