Microsoft Certification Program



The teaching staff of Shammah High School embarked on the Microsoft Literacy Certificate in 2018. The management and staff are very thankful to the Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning Directors, Dr. Aleksey and Jane Sinyagins for sharing with us about this great opportunity that has added so much value inform of knowledge, information and skill related to computer education.

Who took part?

The program was made compulsory for all the teachers. They gladly studied it and there is an attachment of a list of every teacher and the subject they handle. The administrators were asked to lead by example and many of them are grateful because they got a lot of knowledge and skill. Passing this on to the teaching staff was a good sign of leadership and caring to learn for others.

What Skills were gained?

At the start of the certificate, most of them thought it was too easy and too practical until they went out to study it further. They learned more.

  • Regular interaction with computers can by far and large improve your knowledge and skill. They acquired vast knowledge.
  • Most of them studied the certificate online and this helped them to get an online experience of things and how to use it to their advantage. Some who didn’t have emails or never thought it was important opened up their own and now they use them.
  • They have learnt to type using a computer, this skill is greatly helping them during the process of making soft copies of their notes.
  • Making presentations using computers and projectors. A skill that they always needed to have because we have introduced projector-based lessons.


“I have improved a lot in how I interact and do online work. My research skills have also greatly improved. I can freely use the internet. If there is another opportunity to study such a certificate, I will gladly do it.” – Rebecca Ikoba

“I studied the certificate for only 1 month, it could have been shorter but sometimes the videos loaded slowly. I have however gained so much knowledge there are very many things that I didn’t know especially the theory. I did the test 3 times to hit the pass-mark. At first I got 64% then 74% and finally 84%. This helped me to learn even more. I am grateful to DTML for such an opportunity.” – Elungat Patrick

In conclusion, the certificate was a great opportunity to open up the minds of the staff. We can evidently see a difference when it comes to interacting with the computers. This is assisting us in pushing forth for Community Outreach Computer Program especially because we are mostly handling adults and a few children. The teachers have also been encouraged to use the computer laboratory more often so that they can apply these skills that they have acquired and in so doing they will learn even more.

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