Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning Crowned Champions

of Microsoft Hack-for-good Event Second Time in a Row

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML) has participated in Microsoft’s Weekend hack-for-good hackathon. Volunteers from Microsoft and UW have hacked over the weekend to help DTML in multiple areas. At the weekend’s event, employees of Microsoft offered their valuable skills to boost charity programs like DTML. The hackathon which was organized by Microsoft Philanthropies, held in Redmond. Children and educators all over the world are offered a special platform by DTML to connect through the use of educational games that are powered with AI-based algorithms. These then follow the activities of the students in order to identify the areas where the students require additional assistance and tuition. The algorithm is able to identify patterns by using statistical analysis and machine learning.

Distance Teaching Mobile learning Hack for Good Winners
Distance Teaching Mobile learning presented at event

Volunteers tested games, developed new functionality and translated DTML website into 10 more languages. As part of Hackathon, volunteers from Microsoft and UW have developed an English learning game which already added to our game portfolio. Word guessing game helps kids in easy and fun ways to improve English vocabulary and learn new words. This is an educational activity but it is packaged as a game which makes the students find fun while doing it. Working in the company of volunteers from Microsoft, DTML programmers built and established a complete copy of the game which is also able to recognize less used or jumped words which it then brings up later in a chat or in other activities to aid smooth learning.

At the end of It was an honor to work with an amazing group of volunteers and receive an award from Microsoft Judges. DTML got an award of $2,500 from Microsoft at the conclusion of the event.

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