Our vision is to leverage technology to provide access to free educational support to every child around the globe. We have constructed an on-line portal where students across the globe can access variety of free eLearning materials powered by machine learning set of technologies. We know that knowledge and education are the basics of economic opportunity.

Giving children access to basic education from a young age is critical for the success of any country. We believe the biggest impact can be made by augmenting school activities with powerful e-Learning technologies.  Our platform was developed to target ESL students in both US and global community.

Some ELS teaching methods are proven to be more effective than others for second language acquisition.  Hedge (2000) found that conversational rules like openings and closings and learning how to pass from one conversational situation to another are imperative to language competency. It was found that story-telling, role-playing in pairs, and information gap exercises were most effective at allowing ESL students to grasp new language concepts. Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML) provides opportunities for each of these methods to be used to improve English skills for the most disadvantaged youth.

There were 221 registered schools in 2018, but only few schools actively used platform. In 2019, we plan to increase our collaboration with schools and focus on expanding our impact both in terms of registered users and per school embedded activities. In order to achieve that goal, we will continue to invest into both teacher interface, machine learning and analytics module as well as in developing new games. We also will continue to explore ways in increase our monthly users base by targeting different form factors.

Problem Statement: English is a top language in global information production and a key enabler for kids around the worlds and locally in the US to achieve more by being able to have access to more learning resources and have an open door to collaborate, engage and learn from others.