Providing Modern Educational Technology To Children

Education is a way to eliminate poverty from the world. Every child has a right to have the education to follow their full potential in life. There are a plethora of non-profit organization working to provide free educational resources for children, one of them is Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML). It is a platform that offers an opportunity to build a community where the students and teachers can be connected.

Co-founders of JAAS Foundation Hack for Good event

One Week is one of the most famous events that has encouraged the Microsoft volunteers from all over the world to work on a project they are zealous about. Hack for Good is a challenge in the hackathon that is a volunteer-based program.The Microsoft employees take out time to team up with non-profit organizations for finding a solution to the humanitarian challenges. This year Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML) also participated in the hack alongside the employees of Microsoft to address the educational challenges faced by the world. Their aim is to make sure every student gets an access to the best education possible.

Moreover, the best project the employees of DTML and volunteers collaborated on was the bot named Professor Edward. The bot-teacher is a wonderful invention that will be great for teaching kids. The children can have access this expert at any time of the day. Basically, it is an application that will provide tasks to the students all over the world. The bot has been helpful for the teaching language in the classroom.

The Edubot is an amazing technology that will help teach children English. With their invention of the bot, they are dedicated to offering free online learning resources in the places where traditional access to education is missing. Currently, the bot is been used in the school in Columbia that DTML supports.

This is a great step towards providing an opportunity for children to learn a language online. In today’s globalized world, technology has paved the way for students to be more connected. Students can have access to the educational resources that will help them get a quality education. Along with this, the schools DTML funds are not proficient in English, with the help of this bot, the students can learn to communicate with others and help them improve confidence when interacting.

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