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Directors provide aid to refugees and children

(Cucuta, COLUMBIA) – September 2, 2018 – Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML) is using the power of modern technology to help Venezuelan refugees in Columbia.

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning President and Founder Dr. Aleksey Sinyagin, along with DTML Representative Nestor Jerez, recently traveled to Cucuta, a small border town along the Columbia/Venezuela border that has been hit particularly hard by the recent unrest. While in Cucuta, DTML connected with Andean Aid, a non-profit organization, founded by Wayne and Susan Cramer in 2003, that provides educational, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development assistance to at-risk children. We delivered donated supplies, toys and a video projector to the organization’s Help and Hope Centers, where Dr. Sinyagin also had a chance to give classes to students, as well as conduct a “teach-a-teacher” session for leaders of Andean Aid’s Colombia and Venezuelan Centers. Students and teachers leveraged technologies developed by volunteers and it was great to see the direct impact of this work.

President and Founder help kids with one on one training
Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning President and Founder receives thanks

From there, Dr. Sinyagin travelled with DTML Board member Rosa Amalia Zuluaga to Medellin, the second-largest city in Colombia with population of more than 3.7 million people. The pair delivered computers and tablets to primary schools in Medellin’s poorest districts, so students there could take advantage of the possibilities offered by remote learning. “Education is the lifeblood of society,” says Dr. Sinyagin. “My wife and I founded DTML with the dream that every child could have access to quality education. This is a step in that direction, and it makes me proud to see these kids learning, despite the recent upheavals in their lives.”

About DTML:

DTML is dedicated to creating a world of learning. Our mission is to provide opportunities for kids worldwide to build foundations for their futures by engaging in free educational activities powered by state of the art e-Learning technologies. DTML technology has powered more than 34,000 classroom sessions in 112 countries, providing educational opportunities to more than 50,000 students per month. For more information about DTML, go to

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