Children in Mérida, Venezuela, Get Free Mentoring Support

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Ethiopia is one of the poor countries where children don’t have access to proper educational resources. The living conditions in the country are below average that makes education a mere dream. The country lacks necessities like housing, clean water, healthy food, and education. A poor country can only gain benefit from education and DTML wants to give Ethiopia a chance to survive and strive.

Aleksey Sinyagin with Hope for children
Children in Mérida

According to the UNESCO, in 2011 only 5% of the Ethiopian children were registered in the kindergarten. In the primary school, the enrollment of the boys was 85% and for girls, it was 80%. However, the children are unable to continue their education due to many reasons including unhealthy living conditions. It was reported that 4,820,166 children in Ethiopia are missing out their education.

A great organization that has been working for kids is Hope for Children in Ethiopia. They have been working since 2001 for providing various rehabilitation, development and relief programs. This is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has worked in different regions including Southern Nations’ Nationalities and Peoples Region in Chencha district, Addis Ababa City, Arada Sub Cities and Segen Zone.

There are many children in Ethiopia who grow up dreaming of going to school, college, and universities. However, not all of them are able to fulfill their dream as they don’t have access to educational resources. DTML has donated state-of-the-art computers to the organization to make this dream come true.

This to make sure the children have access to the DTML’s free online educational resources.

This is to help those children have a great future and a chance to succeed in their life.

Thank you note from Hope for children
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