Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning Donated 1 Year of Internet

Access to Shammah High School, Luwero, Uganda

The Internet has become such an integral part of our lives that it is hard to imagine one day or even an hour without Internet access. However, in many countries, the Internet is a luxury not many people can afford. For example, Shammah High School, Luwero, Uganda. The school, located in one of Uganda’s poorest regions, obviously has a lot of ICT challenges that include, but are not limited to reliable, working computers. Most of the computers at the school can’t work efficiently because most of their fans (and a few other parts) don’t work. The working computers don’t have internet connectivity and rarely used. With the cost of connecting cable to the provider and paying monthly fees, Internet access had been an absolute impossibility for the school. Thankfully, Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning is donating 1 year of internet access to Shammah High School and delivering set of new computers to the school.

Aleksey showing the internet to young students in Ethiopia

A group of Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning board members visited Luwero, Uganda to meet with school officials and oversee the installation, as well as deliver computer equipment. As part of the visit to, DTML.org Directors Jane and Aleksey Sinyagins held a number of basic computer literacy classes and installed e-learning software on the machines in the lab. It was important to show that learning can be fun and demonstrate usage of eLearning software to both kids and teachers. It was amazing to see the level of engagement from the kids and their excitement about technology. School principal and head teachers emphasized the importance of the computer lab and especially internet access.

Directors spent time with several teen mothers studying at the school. Despite local tradition to stay at home after giving birth or being forced into marriage, several girls are staying at the school and pursuing their dreams. The stories girls have shared were heart breaking and it was important to deliver support, encouragement and reassurance.

That wouldn’t have happened without help from our volunteers and sponsors and we cannot say thank you enough!

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