Lending a helping hand

Access to Shammah High School, Luwero, Uganda

Poverty is the lack or insufficiency of money to meet basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter. However, poverty is much more than the mere lack of money. It is also about deprivation in other important areas of wellbeing such as education, health, water, and housing…” .

According to UNICEF The world has missed the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of achieving universal primary education (UPE) by 2015. Worldwide, 91 per cent of primary-school-age children were enrolled in school in 2013. There is still a long way to go before achieving UPE in some regions.  The challenge is most acute in West and Central Africa, where the net enrolment rate stood at 74 per cent in 2013.  Although the number of out-of-school children of primary school age declined globally from 99 million to 59 million between 2000 and 2013, progress has stalled since 2007. Uganda is one of the countries which is lagging behind in several important non-monetary areas, notably improved sanitation, access to electricity, education (completion and progression), and child malnutrition.

You boys play on a new mac from JAAS foundation

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning Directors have delivered school supplies and 5 MacBook PRO laptops to elementary school in Kampala, Uganda.

Alpha and Omega is a boarding school. It hosts 400+ students. This school is purposely situated in the slums of Kampala. Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning have donated 5 Mac book pro laptop computers provided by our supporters as well as a new wireless projector to the school. The school was in desperate need of computers and our help came right in time. Uganda requires students to pass computer-based tests. Without access to a computer, students didn’t have basic computer skills to take the exams. Having both laptops and projector will allow the maximum impact and deliver a variety of learning materials to the maximum number of students.

As part of school visits, our Directors have delivered a donation of school supplies assembled by DTML supporters from Microsoft. The donated supplies list included glue sticks, coloring papers, crayons, pencils, water colors, scissors, and other school supplies. It was a truly humble experience and we are fortunate we were able to help the school.

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