Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning Releases Season Two Report

on Community Outreach Computer Program Highlighting Program’s Strengths

Uganda, June 17, 2018: Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning, a Redmond-based educational organization that works to provide kids worldwide with access to free educational activities powered by state-of-the-art eLearning technologies, this week released their Community Outreach Computer Program Season Two Report, covering May 14th to May 25th, 2018.

Digital inequality is a pressing concern for entire regions around the globe. Access to the quality education is integral part of life and basic human right. It affects human prosperity, education, social development, job opportunities, and commerce. One out of every four primary school aged children in Africa (over 30 million children) are no longer enrolled in school.

Africa has the world’s lowest secondary school enrollment rates, with only 28% of children enrolling in secondary school. As a result, over 90 million teenagers struggle to find employment. The employment these teenagers do find tends to be in a low-paid, informal sector jobs, which perpetuates poverty and a lack of education.

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On a mission to bring education to unreachable communities around the world today, the program presently utilizes the Shammah High School campus to provide computer training to the people of Kasana Luwero and surrounding areas. At the same time, the team behind Distance Teaching works to develop a reusable model and Artificial Intelligence based software system that can be scaled in every community, in every country.

“As our world grows increasingly digital, it’s hard to deny the fact that basic computer literacy is a foundational step towards educating a population and increasing access to higher skilled work,” said Victor Katarangi, Community Outreach Computer Program Coordinator from Uganda. “With our proprietary program, we’re demonstrating how accessible education can be if channeled through eLearning methods. Out-of-school local village children can finally enjoy a fair access to learning.”

The 10-day program employed four facilitators, attracting more than 250 students from surrounding communities as well as adults and parents. The report showed that the number of interested students was higher than those (142 students) of the previous program administered in January.

To date, the syllabus covers all the relevant Microsoft Packages for the age groups, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. Facilitators were on standby for one-on-one sessions with students that were struggling to grasp the subject material. Taught for 8-days, the final 2-days were used to test what was learned and close out the program.

“There is nothing more rewarding than watching students, who are so grateful for the opportunity to learn, walk away smiling and impacted by their newfound and critically important knowledge,” said Katarangi. “Students left with open minds, and many adults, too, approached us about holding similar programs for their education as well. We look forward to designing future programs and increasing our enrollment every subsequent time.”

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning will continue to reach marginalized groups of students and parents with technological tools to make an educational difference today.

Based on the results of tests, a group of students was selected by the school to be considered for the educational grant from Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning. The grant will cover full year of educational cost and to allow grantee attend the school.

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML) is a non-profit organization committed to student success by offering eLearning completely free of charge and free of annoying ads. Thousands of parents and teachers have already discovered DTML’s incredible online games, designed to help students of all ages and abilities learn and grow. For more information, visit: our donors page to learn more about how you can help support DTML programs today

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