Current Projects


Distant Teaching and Mobile Learning Platform

Knowledge and education are the basics of economic opportunity. Giving children access to basic education from a young age is critical for the success of any country. The JAAS Foundation has constructed an online portal that provides free e-Learning materials for ESL students in both US and global community. By augmenting school activities with powerful e-Learning technologies, we strive to provide free educational support to every child around the globe.

Digital Literacy Community Outreach

The Internet plays an integral part in people’s lives throughout the world. In developing countries, the lack of digital literacy holds them back from many opportunities. Simply placing a computer in a classroom isn’t enough. The JAAS Foundation reaches out to schools and educational institutions in struggling communities to offer them digital literacy training. In some instances, the schools we support launch computer clubs. These clubs give students access to the Internet and e-Learning tools outside of classroom sessions. Clubs like these also run free community outreach sessions for adults as well.

Promoting Connectivity and Internet Access

In the poorest global communities, computers and Internet connections are minimal at best. We provide targeted grants to schools and institutions who share our vision and mission. These grants range from covering expenses associated with internet connectivity to providing basic equipment such as computers, printers, projectors and content access point (CAP) devices.